Vehicle Mount York Rake $1500

Vehicle Mount York Rake $1500




The York FM Series Landscape Rakes are front mounted landscape rakes that mount on the mounting frame of your pickup truck's snowplow. The York FM front mounted rake is raised, lowered, and angled using your existing plow controls and hydraulic system. This reliable, work-horse enables pick-up truck plow systems used for institutional, commercial, and private snow removal to be used year round. The York FM landscape rake is a sturdy, versitile companion for: removing stones and debris; grading and leveling roads; driveways and large areas; spreading topsoil quickly and evenly; and distributing crushed stone, gravel, and cinders.


Rakes weigh 542 to 580 lbs. depending upon the model
Maximum raking width with extension down is 11 ft. (132 inches)
Maximum raking width with extension up is 8 ft. (96 inches)
Minimum raking width with extension down is 126 inches
Minimum raking width with extension up is 90 inches
Angling: infinite with plows hydraulic angle cylinders
Tooth size 5/16" inch x 1 1/4 inches x 30 inches, made from heat treated alloy steel
Tooth spacing is 1 1/2 inches apart
Rake Heads are constructed of spring steel
Rakes models available to fit these plow frames: Fisher H-Series; Western Pro Plow; Diamond AU-14; Meyers C-series; Fisher MM2; and Boss
Caster wheels are included: 13/6.50 x 6 pneumatic tires with high speed bearings
Rake extension also included

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