Yanmar S190R

Yanmar S190R

When you own an S190R-1 Skid Steer Loader, you don’t get 10 different machines. But it sure seems that way. With the perfect balance of power from our new 68.4-hp Tier 4 Final diesel engine and versatile performance, you’re ready to face whatever challenge the day throws at you. From lifting more than two tons into a truck or trailer to hitching up a wide variety of attachments, this workhorse will help you knock out a list of jobs as long as your arm.
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Rated Operating Capacity: 1900 lbs (862 kg)

Net Power: 68.4 hp (51.0 kW) @ 2500 rpm

Operating Weight: approx.6880 lbs (3121 kg)

Lift Height: 120.5 in (3061 mm)